My Story

Are you one of those people who loves candles but is always fogetting to blow them out before you leave the house? Or afarid your cat or dog could knock it over and start a fire? Then I have the PERFECT solution for you. If you like candles, you will LOVE Scentsy ~ Let me share why!  Hi! I am Katie and I am a mom of 3 kiddos and also a Navy wife! My youngest has a ton of health issues and because of that I am unable to have a job outside of the home. With all the travel we have to do for dotors appointments I was looking for a way to make some extra money to help pay for gas and other expenses. I also LOVE having the adult time, and being able to have adult conversations. With that being said those are only just a few of the reasons I choose to sell Scentsy. My main reason I choose to sell Scentsy though is that it is something I can live by. Not only does it not bother my sons asthma but its safe to have warming while my children and animals are running around. I also like it cause it just fills my house with pretty scents.   Contact me know to find out all my awesome specials.   <!--endbody-->